Happy Relationship

by Mazhar Iqbal

Be confident and build a happy relationship with others. You need to believe that you are attracting your soul-mate. Grow positive energy that is within you and wipe out all negative thoughts and feelings.

Be proud of what you are and what you have got. Love yourself as you are unique and special in this world. Make yourself worthy of other’s respect. You can do this only; if you build happy relationships with others.

Welcome, all the good things that life offers to you. Love your life; everything around you will love also. Happy relationships with your family, friends, colleagues and the community make your life more wonderful.

Be Thankful for Happy Relationship:

Be thankful to God that you are alive. Life supports you in every aspect. Lovelight and unlimited support that you get happy from a happy relationship. This will help you to free yourself from any destructive fears and ideas in doubt.

Happy Relationship

Create a sense of peace and harmony in your mind and heart. Forgive others as this is a precious gift granted to you. Every person makes mistakes including you. Just like you forgive yourself, the same energy of forgiveness is required for others for a happy & better relationship.

Be polite with others; divine peace and harmony will surround you. Be tolerant and compassionate with people around you. God has created you very beautifully. So love yourself & always be in the process of positive change.

Create happiness and inner peace within yourself. Carefully listen to the voice of your body’s message. Always work for the betterment of yourself and society. Your intuition is always by your side.

Happy Relationship changes Society:

Be ready to change for the better of society and for building a happy relationship with others. Leave aside your bad habits. Always be ready to adopt a new mindset with a new routine. Build constructive ideas.

Be grateful to God for what you have right now. Have faith in that life is wonderful. You have lovely people by your side. Be open to express your love to others. Spread love all around your space and it will give back warmth and comfort to you.

Appreciate yourself for building a happy relationship with others. Be powerful, strong, and face any challenges for living a perfect life. Live in present and ignore the past. Ignore the faults of others that they make in their past. Judge people by their present, not by their past as the past is gone.

Don’t be a slave of the past of yourself and others. It has no power to overcome you. Choose only positive thoughts. Free yourself from any guilt of the past. Do your best for the future while living in present.

A strong relationship is built with love and respect. Keep the doors of your heart and mind open with positivity. There should be a strong loft channel in your heart that heals early. In this way, you will experience all the joys of life.

You can create chaos and make it go away. You are the charge of building a happy relationship. Be free and accept that life is filled with changing experiences. Don’t resist changing. A positive change is always there to excel you in your life.

Wipeout Fear & Restrictions:

Wipe out fear and restrictions from your mind. Wash them with your positive intentions. Always have a check at your negative thoughts about others. You should be able to easily clear these. Treat others with love and kindness. This is the most powerful weapon to build a better relationship with others.

Your positive thoughts are your best friends. Your brain is the most powerful weapon. Use it in a positive direction and for the welfare of yourself, family, and community. Give your 100% in everything you do. Be in charge of happiness for yourself and others.

There may be tough times in your relations with your dears and nears. This may cause sadness to you. You have to understand; happiness lies within yourself. You cannot get it from outside. You are responsible for your own feelings.

Stop complaining about hardships of life and relations. Your best time is yet to come. Believe in your warm future. There will come many opportunities in your life to excel. You are surrounded by people who love you and have a very strong and happy relationship with you.

There is strong energy inside you. Explore it. It will make you healthier and filled with vitality. Listen to the voice of your body. If you are able to listen to the voice of your body’s needs; you will also understand the needs of others. This in turn will lead to building happy relationships.


Many persons are attached to you in this world. Listen to their needs. Give them respect and love. Be deeply grateful to God that you have good relations in this world. It will fill your heart with profound love and joy.

Happy Relationship


There is always an energy of attraction inside you that attracts others. Explore this and let it flow in a positive direction to spread positivity in this world. So eat well & hydrate appropriately to flourish this energy.

Do exercise properly to make your body healthy and strong. Make the best choices for your joy and vitality. Your body radiates pure energy and vitality that attracts others towards you and a happy relationship.

There are always healing processes that are taking place within your body. Be grateful to God for these processes. With a strong heart and mind, you become eligible to listen to the perfect rhythm of life.

Your family and friends are courage and hope for you in the time of hardships. Claim their power in your hard times. Be optimistic about any problem and never hesitate to ask for help and guidance. You will feel strong in your life.

Defeat Insecurities with Hope:

Leave behind any doubts and insecurities about your loved ones for building a strong and happy relationship. You have to trust your decisions in a relationship. This is the time to act positively to claim the true meanings of life.

Hope and courage are two lethal weapons for your success in every aspect of life. Be optimistic in any situation and never hesitate to ask for help and guidance. Believe in yourself that you are a strong person.

The time that you spend with your loved ones is an asset to your life. Take care of this asset. Similarly, the kind words & gestures of others are also very valuable to you. You should be deeply grateful for the support and love that you receive from others in a true and happy relationship.


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