Nay-Sayers (Don’t Listen Them)

by Mazhar Iqbal

This article is narrated from the true inspirational speech of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is from his speech “Nay-Sayers”.

He emphasized that to be a successful person in your life, you should have a vision. Without vision, there is no success in your life. If you have no goal, then it’s just like that you are drifting around a point and you will never attain success in your life.

Early Life of Arnold:

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria in 1947, just after the II world war. The time was critical and unfortunate for most people. But Arnold was fortunate that he stumbled under his vision. He did not like Austria when he grew up.

His father was a farmer but unlike him, he does not want to become a farmer or any factory worker. His parents wanted him to stay in Austria and asked him to become a farmer as they had no vision.

Arnold did not accept their vision as he has his own. He felt that he was born to do something special. At the age of 11 when one day in his school, his teacher showed him a documentary about the USA.

It was a thrilling experience for him to see huge skyscrapers, huge bridges, six-lane freeways, and much more like this. Arnold was mesmerized to watch that documentary.

Nay sayers Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational speech

Making up his mind that he does not want to live in Austria with little farmhouses and ugly buildings, he decided to go to the USA. Arnold continuously started thinking the ways to go to the USA.

Body-Building Career:

One day coming back from school, he went to a store. He picked a bodybuilding magazine. The magazine was having Reg Park on its cover.

Mr. Reg Park was a famous bodybuilder who won Mr. Universe’s title three times. He was an actor also. Arnold has seen him in a film as Hercules. Arnold thought that this man’s life is the blueprint of his life. He decided to become a champion in bodybuilding just like Mr. Reg.

When Arnold decided this, he felt great about his imagination. It was his reply to Nay-Sayers. Most people even don’t think great. They have an ordinary vision and ordinary thinking.

He felt great about himself by thinking that just like Mr. Reg he will also become a champion. Just like him, Arnold decided to go to films and earn millions of dollars. Just like Reg, he wanted to be rich and famous.

He questioned himself, how can I do this? How is this going to be possible? But he did not worry, just because of the fact that he had a vision. With a definite goal and vision, everything in life becomes easy.

He got a membership in a gym. There he practiced for 5 to 6 hours a day throughout the week, round the year. Many people asked him what he is pumping iron in the gym and doing so hard practice.

While replying to those, Arnold had always a smile on his face and told people that he had a vision. He is aiming for golden days. He is aiming for the Mr. Universe title.

His every effort took him closer to accomplish his vision, every weight he lifted took him closer to his vision. 500-pound squat, 500-pound bench press, 2000-reps of sit-ups, and much more took him closer to his vision of becoming Mr. Universe.

Nay Sayers Motivational speech

Just at the age of 20, he achieved his vision of becoming Mr. Universe at London in a contest. He achieved this milestone just because of his vision.

Hollywood Career:

After achieving his first vision at the age of just 20, he aimed to become an actor in Hollywood movies. He started taking acting classes. He worked hard to remove his Austrian accent. Due to his hard work and goal, he achieved his vision. Although his first movie “Hercules in New York” was a flop, he did not give up. He was not disappointed.

Conan the Barbarian:

A film producer at Universal Studio, Dino de Laurentiis approached to become a star in “Conan the Barbarian”. It was a blockbuster movie of time-released in 1982 just after the 5 years of his flop film. During this period, he even stayed hungry many times, slept in the streets of San Francisco but he did not give his vision. 

The Director of the movie “Conan the Barbarian” was John Millius. In an interview he said that it was just Arnold whom we could cast in this movie, if he would not have been available, we have to build someone like him for the movie. So his first vision about bodybuilding paid him in this matter also.

After the success of “Terminator”, the director of the movie James Cameron said that it was only Arnold fit for this movie because of his accent and talk like a machine. His accent made him the best suitable candidate for the movie. Again his vision of his accent change helped him to get a blockbuster movie.

So let me tell you that if you visualize your goal and get after it, you will definitely achieve it. Just make it fun. No matter what you do in your life, you should have a vision, a purpose.

According to research, about 74% of Americans do not like their job. The same is the case in Europe where a majority of the people are doing what they don’t like. This is just because that they don’t have a vision, a goal. They are just drifting around aimlessly.

Don’t be like those people who just find a job and start working. But when they start working, they do not find fun in it. They don’t really enjoy it. Only a quarter of the people really enjoy doing what they do. If you think about it, it seems unbelievable.

Politician Career:

Arnold felt blessed that he knew what he wanted to do. Think of a medical student, who really works hard to study about medical and one day he becomes a doctor. This is the vision of that student due to which he becomes a doctor. The same is the matter with other categories also.

He cannot be the President of the USA as he was not born in the USA and according to the law of the USA, no foreigner can be President of the USA. Then like his vision about becoming Mr. Universe, he aimed for becoming the Governor of California. 

He aimed to be Governor of the 5th largest state of the USA, the 5th largest economy in the world. This could be an ultimate target, an ultimate accomplishment for a foreigner like Arnold.

Many people came to him and said that why he aimed for such a big post. He should aim for something easier. The task of becoming the Governor of California was difficult. But he had a vision. And after only 2 months, he achieved his vision by becoming the Governor of California.

He did not end up aiming after this. He had a clear vision and aim about what he was going to do with California as a Governor.

Arnold’s Rule for Life:

Arnold has 2 rules in his life.

1-            Vision.

2-            Don’t listen to Nay-Sayers.

Like Arnold don’t listen to Nay-Sayers because they don’t have a vision. You may come across many people in your life who will say about your aim that this is impossible. They will discourage you by saying that you cannot do it.

Arnold listened to such types of wordings from many people throughout his life but all the times he proved them wrong. It was because of his vision and will to do that.

When people said him that Arnold cannot do it, he said that he will do it. They said no, Arnold said yes. People said this is impossible, Arnold said that he will make it possible.

Aspiration from Nelson Mandela:

Arnold is a strong believer in what Nelson Mandela said, “everything seems to be impossible unless someone does it”. So Arnold always challenged himself that he will achieve his goals and he shows to Nay-Sayers his vision that might be it has not been done before but he will do it.

It’s all about the hard work, you put in to achieve your goals and your vision. So don’t listen to Nay-Sayers. Don’t listen to losers. If someone says no, you say to your soul, your mind that you have a vision and you will do it.


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