Never Give Up in Your Life

by Mazhar Iqbal

Respect yourself and never give up in your life. Continue to fight on, no matter what are the circumstances. Something begins to wither inside you, how you do that? How you change your mind away from the fear to high audacious goals?

If you do things on a consistent basis, it makes up the shape of your spirit, your brain, your destiny, and your future. Most importantly, you need to change your way of thinking. It’s your thinking that makes you act effectively in this world. Positive thinking makes you winning the battles inside you.

No. 1 thing in your life is not your education. Remember, it’s your dream. Dreams are what your God is showing you in your imaginations. So don’t be afraid and go out before you die. Be courageous and go out to see what God really got for you.

God’s Will That Your Never Give Up:

If you are reading this article, for sure, it’s God’s that you read this article and make up your mind to never give up in your life.

Most of the people complain to God, why it was me? Why did these ups and downs happen to me? Believe me, God is preparing you for your better future. He is training you to achieve the milestones of your life.

Respect God and also people around you who trust you and your abilities. You honor them for their belief in your abilities.

Some people quit because things get out of control. But I believe, nobody quits if you have control over yourself. You must not quit the faith, stop quit faking the phone, quit people thinking you are not a man. You may indulge in a situation when you get stuck. The first thing, the immature mind will say that this is ridiculous. He will quit self-esteem.

Least Resistance:

Your brain has a good way of taking the path of least resistance. If friction happens, it causes growth. Many people do not grow because when friction happens, they go in the opposite direction. Whenever you feel difficulty in your life and friction happens, you should say to yourself that this is not real. Say to the problem that you are not good enough to down me.

Winning Attitude:

All of us have gone through hard times but when we are in a hard time, our mind has a way of forgetting what we have overcome.

There will come many incidences in your life that want to beat you, but believe me, they cannot kill you. Always have a winning attitude in your life. You will win if you have a positive point of view.

Say yourself even in the worst situation that you are going to win. Encourage yourself in the worst situation that you are going to win your life. In this case, life will win, so don’t be desperate in any situation.

If you lose, you have to pay extreme by carrying the burden of this failure throughout your life. I urge you to feel your winning spirit now. Don’t let anyone steal your dreams. Because if someone will steal your dreams, you may quit, you may give up.

Decide that you are going to win in your life. The failure that comes your way is there to rise you again. If you lose on some occasion, you should never give up, be disheartened. Otherwise, you are going to lose your whole life. By getting discouraged, you will carry that failure throughout your life.

Believe in yourself:

Believing in yourself is the first secret to success. Be honest with yourself and you will win. Be aware of the dream stealers. They are nearby. If you don’t have to believe in your abilities or lack faith, they will steal your dreams.

Theodore Roosevelt rightly said, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

Trust in your abilities as you trusted in your childhood. Always have trust in your God that he is around you. Always have trust in your abilities. God has created you to do something great.

Adopt the ability to never give up from childhood:

You were born to do something extraordinary. The only obstacle in your success is self-limiting your beliefs in your abilities. Each person is a genius having unlimited potential. If a person self-limits himself, he is not going to perform something special in his life.

By self-limiting yourself that you cannot get good grades in school, college, or university, you are going to destroy your career. You are going to destroy your whole life.

Don’t sabotage yourself. Never be the kind of person with a short of potential. You can drive your foot on the break of your own potential because humans think well.

Again, don’t think that you are not getting good grades in school or college. In practical life, there are many examples of when a “B” grade achiever performed extraordinary in practical life and an “A+” grade achiever failed in life.

The same situation may happen when grade “B” students got “A+” while working in a company and performed well in the growth of a company. You should know that most of the companies get the money from the venture capitalist from those who got a “D” grade in school or college.

So I think that grade in school or college life is irrelevant in the professional or practical life. Be realistic in your approach that most self-immediate beliefs have no foundation in the real life.

Be Focused:

Sometimes you may think that you have no skills or abilities in some areas. But after deep dive in that particular area, you found that you are capable of doing this. You will be quite amazed and you would never have an idea about your capabilities.

If you have 100 life-lines, you will not use your true potential. And the thing that holds you back is the miss-belief of you in your abilities.

Beware of the potential that always lies within you. Drill your potential out. Always check yourself if you have any self-limiting beliefs. If you have, then re-program yourself to eliminate it.

Attitude Determination:

Determine the whole attitude of your life. You have the capacity to do anything in your life. The more you use your brain, the more you learn. Self-limiting has no reality. Overcome your attitude of self-limitation from childhood.

Never give up because self-lending believes have no reality. Program your brain that you are going to get huge success in your life.

There is a law called the law of expectations. Many books and years of research have been done on the law of expectations. It is the foundation of all economics. You can increase your output in the law of expectation by never give up.

High expectations have an enormous effect on our attitude. Be always positive in your life. You may fail but always stand up and start a meaningful journey of your life again.


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