Positive Intentions

by Mazhar Iqbal

Fear and restrictions are false thoughts of your mind, wash them with your positive intentions. Be smart enough to observe your negative thoughts and clear them out. Man is created to experience love and kindness.

Positive Intentions flourish your brain:

Free yourself from destructive ideas. Always believe in your dreams. The human brain is the most powerful weapon against these destructive ideas. Use it in your best interest.

Love and appreciate yourself. Take the charge of your happiness in your hands. Happiness comes from positive intentions, it is inside you. Don’t try to explore happiness from the outside.

You are responsible for your own feelings. Stop complaining about difficulties in your life. You need to stop worrying now. Believe in beautiful tomorrow as the best in your life has to come yet.

Future of yours is having great opportunities. Be thankful to God for every breath that you take. People around you are always there to encourage you. Contentment, hope, and gratitude must be in your life.

Improvement in Health:

Health is a gift granted to you from God. You claim this gift every day. If you are healthy, energetic, it is a blessing. Your body speaks to you and tells you what it needs. With positive intentions, your body can groom more.

Free yourself from ill thoughts regarding people’s incidents, events, or anything else like bad intentions. There is always healing energy within you that heals your body. With positive intentions, you can free yourself from ill thoughts. 

To live a fulfilled and healthy life, you need to enjoy every single moment. Eat well, appropriately hydrate your body, and have enough physical activities. Make the best choices for the joy and vitality of yourself.

Positive intentions radiate the immune system of your body that helps you to perform body functions in a proper way. It will also make your heart strong. Your heart will have a perfect rhythm and you will enjoy a perfect life.

Whatever happens in your life has a reason, so trust your wisdom and intuition. With positive intentions, you can see good in yourself, in society. You can set free yourself from anger.

Positive Intentions Enhance Courage:

With positive intentions and strong will, you can see good in the tough moments of your life. Gather your hopes and courage and claim their power. You have to be optimistic about any problem in your life.

Whenever you are stuck in your life, don’t hesitate to ask for help from nears and dears to you. Leave any doubts and insecurities behind you that are pulling you back from excelling in your life. By taking help from your loved ones, you can excel in your life.

Have trust in your abilities and decisions. The best time in your life to act is right now. The only thing is that you must have positive intentions and need to be determined.

Effect on Relationship:

Always be present in your relationship. Appreciate the quality time that you spend with your loved ones. In your relationship, kind words and loving gestures should always be there. Be grateful for to love, support, and affection that you receive from your loved ones.

Always focus on good things in your relationship. Put all of your energy and passion into it. The right time to build a great relationship with your loved ones is right now. Be comfortable with what you speak and how you behave with yours nears and dears.

Don’t judge others. You only need to do your best to understand them. Be compassionate and a fast learner of the relationship. Invest time and patience in your growth.

Develop your attitude of forgiving others as you forgive yourself. Detach yourself from the need to punish others who did wrong with you. It is not your responsibility to judge their behavior.

Be Loving & Caring:

Who you are?”, can only be decided by you. It is your decision how you react to different situations in life. Be always loving and forgiving. You must have control over yourself over other’s attitudes. Always have positive intentions about others that they take care of your feelings and respect you.

Have unconditional love for others. React with love and truth instead of any doubt or fear. Be smart in your approach to learn, how to make good decisions and create an effective lifestyle for yourself. Be open to welcome the love and admiration of others.

With positive intentions, you can confront the pains of your life. Go past them. Focus on your heart to feel good even in the time of pain. Enjoy every aspect of your life with this attitude. You need to believe your heart’s truth that you are capable of making yourself feel safe and protected.

Enjoy every single moment of your life with a learning attitude. Free yourself from the need to change others. Change yourself. Focus on yourself and what is needed to improve around you, find it in yourself, not in others.

Humans are Wonderful:

You are a wonderful creation of God. Be happy with all the blessings that are granted to you. Create your own happy circumstances of life. Detach yourself from any negative vibes. Avoid gossip and people who do it.

Enjoy your whole being. Nothing has power over you unless you allow it. Explore your inner peace through positive intentions. Don’t try to find it in material things. Your present moment is a treasure. Don’t overthink about your future as it waster of your physical and mental energy.

Free yourself from the past and you will have an amazing life right now. Start building your own perfect life. Take care of yourself as you are designed for positive things. Be patient and find peace in your life through love.

Satisfaction & Contentment:

Be satisfied with your actions. Don’t wait for others to love you, start loving yourself right now. Be polite and kind not only to others but to yourself also. Give respect to others. Write the story of your life with love and wisdom because you come to this world only one time.

With positive intentions, start a new chapter of your life. Choose the right path to your success and in return whole universe will reward you. You are free to make your own right choices. Take the command of your life, yourself. Do good with others, people will appreciate you.

Inhale life and love from the society around you. You must have believe in your abilities and then everything is possible. God has sent you into this world with a purpose. Find the purpose of your life. Help others and they will also help you in your time of need.

You deserve happy moments in your life. Welcome life in its fullness. Cherish all moments of your life either these moments are good or bad. You are granted wisdom and guidance from God. Just need to work things out.

Open up to new people and new experiences in your life. This will bring many happy moments in your life. With positive intentions, welcome life in its fullness. Life will reward you in any way. For this just focus on your own experiences, not others.

Positive Intentions explore Hidden Energy:

There is hidden energy inside you. Explore it and embrace it to have a wonderful life. Share your love and life with others. Love is everything, not winning. Live your life by the means what your heart dictates you.

Look back into your past to discover unhealthy choices and to discover life’s real meaning. Try everything in your life that has been granted to you. Be a warrior and never give up on your life. This will change impossible into possible.

With positive intentions do whatever you need to do. You are supported by nature and by your loved ones. Move forward with your faith and an open mind. Always be motivated in order to create the perfect circumstances for yourself.

You have the capacity to learn and teach others. Just make a step forward and always speak the truth. You are capable of living a glorious life. So ask for your rights but be a good person. Accepting defeat is harder but it is the most crucial part of your life.

Accept defeat and move forward in your life as you have not achieved the goals of your life yet. In your life, the opinions of others are not more valid than yours. Hit the nail at right time. You may want to help your loved ones but the thing is to do this at the right time and place.

With positive intentions, if you say no to anyone in any matter, this doesn’t make you a bad person. Feel good in your own skin even if someone asked you for help and you refused in certain circumstances. There will be many people around you that don’t like you. It is you who decides the way of living your own life.


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