Take Responsibility

by Mazhar Iqbal

Take responsibility. It is one of the most powerful things that you will do in your life. You must take responsibility to know where are you standing in the course of your life. Say to yourself, you can do better. Because when you take full responsibility for your life, you take control of your life. You take full responsibility for the quality of your relationships with others.

By taking full responsibility for everything associated with your life, you take control of your life. When you blame others for responsibility, you then have no control over your life. When the actions of others or your past determine the quality of your life, you are the prisoner of your past. You are at the mercy of other people, their actions.

Don’t Blame to Other:

When you blame other people consistently for the circumstances in your life, then you cannot fix things in your life. Try to fix the things yourself as you see the things in your life from a different angle as compared to others.

By taking responsibility, you can change the direction and purpose of your whole life. For this, you may go away from certain toxic people and certain environments. Whatever the situation is, you have to accept that you are the only person who can change this. This will make your life better.

Full Ownership:

Taking responsibility is full ownership of your state of mind. Remember full ownership comes with your mindset. It depends on your response. It has nothing to do with the circumstances, not the wrongdoing of others.

In life, your mindset is the most powerful thing that can take you to success in life. Your mindset helps you to handle any situation with a clear perspective and strength. Be confident and try to handle the person or situation with clarity of purpose and peace. None can stop you from moving forward and living a purposeful life.

Full Responsibility Lets You Build Life’s Story:

Full responsibility lets you build the story of your own life. It may be the story of your failure, why you can’t succeed? The story of your victim, your limits. Responsibility will release all the weight from your back and you will feel at ease in your life.

If you don’t take responsibility, you might be dragging the weight of your failures around the years. It’s draining your life. Now the time has come in your life that you stand tall and get free from all the worries of your life.

When you take the charge of your feelings and emotions and don’t let anybody ruin them, you feel free. No one can disturb your peace & life unless you grant permission to them. None can knock you off from your path to success. Nothing can stop you from believing in good.

Know Your Power:

You should know your power, your purpose in life. If you fully take responsibility for yourself, no circumstances can stop you from working towards your purpose, and success. By taking responsibility for all of your actions, wins, losses, setbacks, failures, growth, you excel in your life.

The power to accept challenges lies in you. You at some level in your life come to know about it. So take ownership of this power. The problem arises when you look around that someone else takes responsibility for your life. Other people need to take responsibility for their life by themselves. They shouldn’t take responsibility for your life and obviously, you shouldn’t take theirs.

It is believed that 95% of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions come from the subconscious programming of our mind. So you need to transform your lives to form new habits. Flip the script of your life by your sheer determination and taking responsibility.

Firm Decisions:

You need to take clear and firm decisions in your life. Be strong enough to take conscious repetitive actions because these actions create powerful habits. Decide that your actions bring you future happiness. This happiness is far more than just holding or sticking on to your past problems.

Taking Responsibility Ends Grudges:

To live the greatest life, you will never hold on to the grudges. Stop blaming people or circumstances. This will ruin your life. Think again that you get life for only once. You can never have the greatest life, can never be truly happy for holding the past problems or grudges or circumstances or blaming people.

Taking Responsibility Let’s you Overcome:

In life, you may have stuck at a point either emotionally or financially. You can get out of this situation by moving on. This can be achieved only by taking full responsibility. Just take control of yourself. Act now!

When you move forward with your life, you take a step to success. You fight a war against the invisible. Have faith and vision in your abilities to see, what could be, can be, or will be? When you consistently water with undeniable grind truth.

Listen to those who are truly alive. They gracefully fly radiating with the power of their responsibility. The power of responsibility is wrapped inside them. This power refuses them to fall back.

Such kinds of people know that they must refuse to the doubts or uncertainty. You may say that these people have overcome us as they know how to excel in life. How to take responsibility? They know how to climb the hurdles in life.

Development of Sense:

You need to develop a sense to see that some people around you don’t want to see you be successful. I am trying to grow a plant inside your spirit. Fire this plant with the truth inside of you. This will enable you to excel whether the haters like you or not.

Have you seen a salesman who gets up every day and knocks on your door? He consistently tries to sell you things that you don’t want or not good enough. Whether you purchase or not, he will do his work consistently because he knows his responsibilities.

Personal Power:

Be one of them who sit in silence and believe in themselves. They believe each time in their life, they face fear. When you also go to the deeper level of awareness and personal power, you will see a fire. This fire will grow inside of you when you own and accept.

Types of People:

There are three types of people in this world. One type is sitting outside the ground watching the game. Another type is sitting sideline. And most important type is playing the game inside the ground. It’s time for you to decide which type of person you want to be?

Take Responsibility & Stop Complaining:

The time has come to stop complaining about the difficulties of life and running from your responsibilities. Take full control of your life by taking full responsibility.

You can tell about the future of anybody just by seeing in his life. Because the eyes of a determined person are different from ordinary people. Be a person with such type of eyes.

Have a big dream, no matter the world calls you crazy, or turns its back on you. When you feel that you are at the end of yourself and you are not able to move forward in your life, just sit still inside your home or start traveling.

The real revolution is self-awareness. It is a way to the truth and believing in yourself. You can overcome your failures and can transform them into real success. Emancipate your own individual power and get rid of the fear by taking full responsibility.


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